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together was founded by Hannah Ritchie, PhD and Kait Tomkosky with the goal to create space for you to connect with yourself and others. To facilitate this, we use the help of meditation and mama cacao.


We envision together as a meeting place for conscious individuals to converge - a space to be still and present, to meet like-minded individuals, to feel seen and heard, and to feel supported and inspired to grow. We hope to accomplish this through several offerings:

together in person: We host in-person meditation circles and cacao ceremonies. We especially love hosting ceremonies as a conscious “pre-game” before live music events to help others feel empowered to enter the night with more intention, presence, and inner awareness, as well as to provide the space for fans to connect with others in the scene on a deeper level. We feel that mama cacao is a free spirit who loves to experience all life has to offer, from concerts to hiking to deep spiritual work. As such, we love to



integrate cacao into a variety of occasions and settings, and we love collaborating with others to curate unique event experiences. Please check our events page for upcoming community events and information on how to book private events.

together online: We offer virtual live and recorded meditation classes and cacao ceremonies. Our meditation classes are currently offered as a 6-week series once every season. These classes typically have a theme and consist of discussion around a specific topic, journaling, sharing (if you choose), and a guided meditation. We hope these classes will help you set aside time and space in your busy schedule to connect with others and begin or deepen your journey with meditation and/or cacao. Please check our meditation class series page for more information on our virtual offerings.

together in growth (in the works): We are in the process of developing online courses and other resources on how to begin your own daily meditation and cacao practice, so you can feel empowered to integrate these practices into your own life in your own way. To be notified when these courses are available, please subscribe to our email list.


We are certified Shambhavananda meditation teachers (level 1 & 2), with training rooted in the spiritual philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism 

The Shambhavananda School of Yoga teaches a non-dualistic perspective on spirituality, meaning we (humans) are not separate from the divine/source/spirit/god/the universe (whatever you call it). This divinity - this pure, clear, peaceful, blissful, expansive, conscious state of being - exists within all of us and is our true nature. We just have to dig through and separate from all the thoughts, emotions, tensions, traumas, and patterns that the world has piled on to find it, reconnect with it, and let it shine through. Although this idea resonates with us, we acknowledge that each person’s journey and perspective is unique and different ideas resonate with different people; therefore, we welcome, respect, and honor everyone’s beliefs. Our goal is not to teach a spiritual philosophy, but is instead to share meditation practices that can be used to manage daily life (eg, release tension/anxiety, quiet the mind, handle emotions/energy, open and connect with the heart), regardless of your spiritual path or beliefs.


We are certified cacao facilitators through Keith’s Cacao

Ceremonial cacao is “chocolate” in its purest form - minimally processed, unrefined, non-industrialized, and consciously handled with intention and respect from the time of harvest. Unlike “chocolate”, cacao retains its cacao butter and, therefore, is a nutrient-dense superfood. Further, because cacao is minimally processed (heated), its gentle psychoactive properties are also retained. Cacao is a (non-psychedelic) plant medicine whose spirit is often referred to as “Mama Cacao”. Cacao can produce heart-opening, energizing, and blissful effects when consumed (drank) in an intentional space. Cacao is a gentle, but powerful tool to open your heart, become aligned (in a “flow” state), increase creativity and clarity, deepen a meditative state, strengthen the connection to your intuition, and manifest intentions. In our experience, Mama Cacao has become an ally, guide, and support system who enhances the ups and eases the downs of life by providing nurturance, intuitive insight, comfort, and healing. She feels like a playful, busy-bee mother who is determined to give your heart all that it desires.

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