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Sun, Jul 09



cacao + breath of fire

Join us for an online cacao ceremony and breathwork journey (guided by our sweet friend Lena Summer) that is aimed to quiet the mind so we can become calm and clear enough to hear our intuition, identify the desire burning within our heart, and see the path that our soul is yearning to explore.

cacao + breath of fire
cacao + breath of fire

time & location

Jul 09, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


about the event

This virtual event will begin with a cacao ceremony, where we’ll ask mama cacao to help us turn inward, connect with our heart and intuition, and be open to receive whatever messages and energies that we are meant to encounter.

After the cacao ceremony, we will move into the breathwork journey (led by Lena), where we’ll work with breath of fire. Breath of fire is a form of pranayama (breath control) that consists of passive inhales and forced exhales (from the belly while contracting the abdominal muscles). This practice is known as "skull shining" or "kapalabhati", which translates to "forehead illumination”. Breath of fire is an uplifting practice that can improve mental clarity and focus, as well as increase the flow of our sacred life force energy. During this practice, we will utilize the "ego eradicator" kriya, which uses the arms to release negativity, open up the heart space, and quiet the mind.

In our experience, cacao and breathwork are a powerful duo that facilitate entering into an expanded, celestial state of consciousness. We hope that this event will help you quiet your sympathetic nervous system, so you can become calm and clear enough to hear your intuition, identify the desire burning within your heart, and see the path that your soul is yearning to explore.

No meditation or breathwork experience is necessary.

It is easiest to connect with the spirit of cacao on an empty stomach and in the absence of other substances (caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, etc). We recommend fasting for at least 2-3 hours before the event. For more information on how to prepare for a cacao ceremony and what to expect, please click here.

Please contact us ahead of time with any food allergies, if you are taking any prescription medications, including (but not limited to) antidepressant, cardiac, or blood pressure medications, and/or are pregnant or breastfeeding, so we can discuss modifying your cacao dose.

The breathwork method we will be working with is not recommended for those who are pregnant or on the first 3 days of their moon cycle. If either of these apply to you, please contact us ahead of time so we can offer a breathwork modification.

*This event is open for anyone to join, but is free for subscribers to our summer series: owning the fire.


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