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Sat, Jan 27


E8 Yoga

cacao ceremony & sound journey

Join us for a cacao ceremony followed by a meditative percussion sound bath, led by our friend Dante Villagomez (Spices Peculiar). During this special event, we will use the energy of fire and the leo full moon to bring what has been flickering within to light.

cacao ceremony & sound journey
cacao ceremony & sound journey

time & location

Jan 27, 2024, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

E8 Yoga, 1127 Francis St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

about the event

Is there something flickering within you that needs tending to, so it can come to light?

Winter is the perfect time to turn inward and tend to our inner flame that often gets ignored during busier times of the year. During this special event, we will use the energy of fire and the leo full moon (peaking on Thursday, January 25th) to sit with ourself, listen to our heart, feel what we may have avoided or shut down in our heart, and illuminate our heart's inner fire.

"Leo helps us feel our truth, and more importantly, it helps us feel our hearts. This moon can help you break through all the layers placed upon you that dim your light. It helps you find yourself, what you love, and what you ultimately want to express to the world. The leo full moon is the time to find what makes you shine your brightest and embrace that part of yourself despite any fear of rejection. The leo full moon teaches you to love yourself firecly.

We are encouraged to focus on the heart's truth. Acknowledging this takes courage and vulnerability. It's not always easy to listen to and follow our hearts. Our mind often has different plans and will try to convince us these plans are safer. This full moon, though, is the time to listen to the heart and follow its lead, even if we are unsure of the road ahead. It's a time to feel the guidance of the heart through our emotions and let it give us the answers we've been looking for all along.

The heart is powerful, and this full moon reminds us to tend to it and ensure that it is sending out the vibrations that accurately represent who we are at our cores. Part of tending to the heart is listening to it."

We will begin with a cacao ceremony, where we will drink pure ceremonial-grade Guatemalan cacao, complete journal prompts, and set intentions. We will then move into a guided meditation that will connect us with our heart center and allow the energy of fire and the full moon to inspire our inner flame to grow brighter. The meditation will fade into a healing sound journey, led by Dante Villagomez (Spices Peculiar), where we will be able to bask in the heart-opening effects of cacao, allowing her to lovingly hold and guide us as we connect deeper with our hearts. Afterwards, we will open the space up for sharing (if you choose; silence is always welcome).

We will be seated or lying down for the majority of the time. We will provide cushions to sit on and there will be yoga mats, bolsters, and blankets available, but please bring anything you may specifically need to feel comfortable sitting/lying on the ground. Feel free to also bring a journal or anything else you may wish to use during/after the ceremony to capture any thoughts, emotions, or energies that arise.

It is easiest to connect with the spirit of cacao on an empty stomach and in the absence of other substances (caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, etc). We recommend fasting for at least 2-3 hours before the event. For more information on how to prepare for a cacao ceremony and what to expect, please click here.

Please contact us ahead of time with any food allergies, if you are taking any prescription medications, including (but not limited to) antidepressant, cardiac, or blood pressure medications, and/or are pregnant or breastfeeding, so we can discuss modifying your cacao dose.

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