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january 11th through february 18th

following your north star

trust your inner guide to navigate the journey

the conscious pre-game

is this for me?

is one of your new year's resolutions to meditate or begin/deepen a spiritual practice?

have you been meaning to create space to focus on yourself, but haven't managed to find the time?

are you looking for ways to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you?

have you felt an underlying emotion, pattern, or general discontent nagging for your attention, but aren’t sure how to address it?

do you struggle to hear your inner voice and make decisions from a heart-centered, intuitive space?

is there some aspect of your life that has felt abandoned, stagnant, or unaligned?

do you crave deeper connections with others where you can share your journey (eg, feelings, desires, fears, frustrations, realizations) in a safe and supportive space?


are you curious how meditation and journaling can bring clarity and insight, but don’t know where to start?

the conscious pre-game

what's the point?


weekly meetings provide dedicated time and space to focus on yourself

weekly topics are designed to equip you with tools to build a meditation practice, deepen your connection with yourself, and live life more consciously

sharing and discussion provide space to disentangle underlying nagging emotions, patterns, or general discontent

journal prompts help you gain insight and clarity around your emotions, patterns, goals, dreams, and what internal or external things may be holding you back from living your most aligned life

guided meditations help you quiet your mind, connect with your heart, and enter deeper states of consciousness where you are better able to hold space for yourself - to sit with your emotions, release what is no longer serving you, and visualize what is meant for you

a closed container (ie, registration closes when the series begins) provides the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level as you grow together over 6 weeks, as well as a safe and supportive space to share your emotions, goals, fears, and wins

series schedule



7pm MST

embarking on the journey:
begin a meditation practice


7pm MST

discovering your compass:

connect with your inner guide


7pm MST

navigating the stars:

distinguish your north star from the mind, patterns, or projections


7pm MST

reading the signs:

interpret messages received along the way


7pm MST

which one? which one's the way?:

follow your true path


7pm MST


meet your highest self


10am MST

cacao ceremony


sound journey

guided by dante vilagomez of spices peculiar


how does it work?

Our online classes are offered as a 6-week series once every season and include weekly meditation classes, 1 cacao ceremony, and a bonus collaboration

Meditation classes consist of discussion around a specific topic, journaling, sharing (if you choose), and a guided meditation

No meditation experience is necessary

Live classes are streamed via Zoom. You will also receive access to the recordings. To support your daily meditation practice in-between series, you will maintain access to the recordings until the next series begins

the conscious pre-game

"I went in to the series feeling overwhelmed by commitments, tasks, and the patterns of every day life. In this struggle I was losing my sense of self and was having a hard time slowing down to make time for myself. Having the space to focus on who I am and what ignites my inner flame, has been so essential in helping to slow down, manage my anxiety, and get a better handle on life. I’ve felt more at peace since the start of the series, and in the process of reconnecting with myself in this way I was also given the gift of meeting and creating connections with all of the other women in the class! The open sharing and connection has been so wonderful and I feel grateful for everyone in the course. Hannah and Kait have a gift and are so easy to learn from."


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