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This cacao grows in the organic food forest at Finca El Porvenir. The Maya have a long tradition of preparing cacao that still exists today. At the farm the rare criollo variety is regrown in a natural way.

The cacao is hand-selected and prepared in a traditional way with knowledge that is passed on for generations, intended for high quality cacao drinks. It is minimally processed, preserving all healthy and active nutrients resulting in a high quality ceremonial cacao. Handled with love, care and intention for cacao drinks that are both powerful in spirit and effect.

At the farm the rare criollo cacao variety is regrown in a natural way from seed. The white cacao seeds are hand selected, sprouted, and when strong enough planted amongst other trees. A combination of grafting and growing cacao from seed in a natural way supports natural diversity. This cacao is a natural mix of criollo and other varieties. The taste is softer and the effect is stronger, which is beautiful in a pure drink.

The organic agroforestry methods used at the farm create a healthy natural environment where nature thrives. The diversity of plants and animals create a beautiful place to be and an example of how food can be grown.

Organically grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Taste notes: full and smooth taste with a warm, nutty aroma


100% pure cacao flakes: Made from whole cacao beans, this bag contains cacao flakes. Cacao flakes are similar to a block of cacao, but easier to use: just scoop and mix into a frothy drink.


450 g: Approximately 16 casual servings or 11 ceremonial servings.

ceremonial cacao (guatemalan)

Expected to ship in May
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