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empowering you to enter the night with more intention, presence, and inner awareness

cacao ceremony & meditation circle

designed to

deepen the live music expereince

the conscious pre-game

for fans

The conscious pre-game for fans provides space for fans to meet and connect with others in the scene on a deeper level before the show, as well as deepens the connection to the music and community during the show

the conscious pre-game

for bands

The conscious pre-game for bands provides space for the band and/or crew to ground, become centered, and check in with one another before going on stage, as well as enhances chemistry and connection on stage

“Not only did I feel a strong connection with the entire group attending that day, but I left the gathering feeling better than I have in a long time. My entire body and mind was simply uplifted by the event. My heart was truly open and radiant. Hours later, as the concert was about to begin, I still had the same uplifted, loving feeling throughout my being. I realized I didn’t want to change anything about the way I was feeling. I went to the show completely sober!”

- Scott Stevenson


"The cacao ceremonies led by Hannah & Kait always do wonders in balancing and re-centering our hectic energies before shows. We all share the same look in our eyes every time we’re able to have one - that of gratitude for the space they create and to be able to breathe and be nothing but present with ourselves and each other for a moment."

 - Rick Mitarotonda


“I have REALLY bad anxiety at times. The conscious pre-game seriously put me in the right headspace and helped my anxiety before the show. I kept looking at [my partner] and telling her, “I don’t feel anxious. I’m okay. I love this!”. Moving forward, I plan to have cacao before each show.”

- Spencer Beymer


"Hannah & Kait introduced us to Mama Cacao for the first time before a big show in Seattle. The ceremony was relaxing, yet recharging. I remember stepping on stage with the band - there was an extra bond of connection. It led to some really powerful and inspiring musical moments. I believe Mother Cacao brought us together and allowed us to tap into ourselves a little bit more than usual."

 - Peter Anspach




enhances euphoria, opens your heart, and facilitates connection

while keeping your mind clear

provides time & space to slow down during the fast-paced chaos of show day,

so the show doesn’t fly by in a blur

eases “pre-show jitters”

helps you enter an aligned, creative flow state

encourages approaching the night with a sense of curiosity and wonder

promotes consciousness within the scene

the conscious pre-game

what to expect



become present and centered with a guided meditation


gain inner awareness and clarity about how you want to experience the night


sit in gratitude for the present moment, truly soaking in the experience


feel heart-opened, euphoric, blissful, and energized, while remaining clear-headed


have magic on your side as the spirit of cacao works behind the scenes to ensure your night divinely unfolds with ease


connect with yourself and others on a deeper level

the conscious pre-game
the conscious pre-game

what is cacao?

Cacao is a non-psychedelic plant medicine that produces heart-opening, energizing, playful, blissful, yet grounding and centering effects when consumed (drank) in an intentional space. 


Cacao enhances euphoria and feelings of connectedness while keeping your mind clear, making it easier to connect with yourself and others around you. 


Cacao is a powerful tool to unleash creativity, become aligned (in a “flow state”), increase clarity and focus, deepen a meditative state, and manifest intentions. 


Cacao is a nutrient-dense superfood and naturally vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and organic, making it a healthier alternative to other “pre-game” options (eg, alcohol, caffeine, and other mind-altering substances). 


Cacao has become our favorite wingwoman - an ally, guide, and playful mother - who brings magic and divine intervention to every live music experience.

the conscious pre-game

what people are saying

"Hannah & Kait do a great job of leading and setting the mood. That’s such an important part of the ceremony for me. They bring consistency and calm to a stressful situation. Just drinking cacao wouldn’t get the job done. The value they bring is a moment of meditation and calm before a stressful situation."


(Goose Crew)

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