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This cacao grows in the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, a beautiful natural environment in the mountains. There are many cloud forests in this area with a high diversity of birds and other animals. No chemicals or pesticides are used and higher prices are paid to the farmers to support their sustainable way of working.


This cacao is a mix of criollo and trinitario varieties. Unique about this cacao is the high quality fermentation that you can discover in its taste and aroma.


The cacao is minimally processed and shortly roasted on low temperature to preserve the healthy compounds and nutritional value.


Organically grown in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.


Taste notes: Deep chocolate aroma with floral hints and soft aftertaste.


100% pure cacao flakes: Made from whole cacao beans, this bag contains cacao flakes. Cacao flakes are similar to a block of cacao, but easier to use: just scoop and mix into a frothy drink.


450 g: Approximately 16 casual servings or 11 ceremonial servings.

ceremonial cacao (nicaraguan)

Expected to ship early April
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